3 Questions to Consider When Creating a Gift

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At Greentech Illumination we love helping our customers create LED backlighted artwork for home and office. It makes for a great personalized gift but how do you select the right image? We offer the following three questions to consider when creating a gift:

  1. What is the style of the gift recipient? You don’t want to give them a lighted picture of nature when they love modern art. You don’t want natural colors when they love bright colors. Look at their home and what they wear and that will give you some clues as to what they like.
  2. What are their interests? Maybe a quote from their favorite author or an image of their favorite city would be fitting. Maybe a grandparent would love a framed, lighted photo of the family. A pet love may love a photo of their pet. An aerial photo for someone afraid of heights or a clown for someone afraid of clowns may not be the best choices! Think about the person to whom you are giving the artwork.
  3. If for a business, what does the business offer in terms of products or services? A pediatrician may like a kid-friendly image. A writer may love photos of old typewriters or an inspirational quote. An accountant may like numbers or adding machines. Visit the site before making the final decision for the image you will use.

Have fun creating!


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