10 Websites for Your Digital Photos

digital photoThe recent announcement of Eastman Kodak’s bankruptcy filing and the ability to take pictures from mobile devices like iPad2 and cell phones, have made film and film developing a thing of the past. Instead of piles of family photos we have files of family photos clogging our devices. We used to spend hours cutting and gluing photos to albums and scrapbooks. While we may have some photos to scrapbook, many families have digital photos.

While the media has changed, the process is the same. We take pictures and need to print or create gifts and home décor. Put away the glue, scissors and scrapbooks and embrace the digital age! A great way to save your most treasured photos and create unique gifts is to use one of these 10 websites for digital photo storage and gift creation:

  1. Shutterfly: Photo storage with a promise to never delete your photos and 100% satisfaction.  Photo gifts and home décor. Not the cheapest prices but they offer a ton of specials.
  2. Snapfish: Cheaper than Shutterfly perhaps due to Snapfish being part of Hewlett-Packard. The website is simpler and perhaps easier to use than other sites.
  3. Picasa: Google’s answer to other photo sites offering storage, organizing, sharing and Google+ tagging options. No gift creation but lots of editing options.
  4. Photobucket: Designed with the graphic artist in mind this site offers photo and video storage as well as graphics and a blog. They offer tips and tricks and are more informational than other sites.
  5. Flickr: Designed with the photographer in mind this site offers uploading from a variety of devices, sharing with friends and social networks and tagging.
  6. Webshots: American Greetings answer to the other photo sites offering photo storage and sharing as well as options for professional photographers. The website is a visually busy.
  7. Smugmug: This photo storage and gift site is the self-described place where “your photos look good.” Customers can also buy and sell photos, share through various mobile apps and upload to social networks.
  8. Photoworks: Now part of Shutterfly with a visually cleaner website than Shutterfly.
  9. Fotki: A cartoon-ish website with bubble icons for uploading, storing and sharing photos and videos. Not exactly our cup of tea visually but great function.
  10. Greentech Illumination: We wouldn’t forget ourselves! We love helping you create unique artwork from digital photos backlit with eco-friendly LED lighting.




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