8 Ways to Have a Safe Holiday Season


At Greentech Illumination we help you bring innovative, beautiful energy efficient LED backlit artwork to your home or place of business. We understand you’re busy which is why we make the process efficient for you. The last few months of the year are crazier than the rest of the year and want you to be safe.

Here are eight ways to have a safe holiday season:

  1. Unplug Christmas tree lights when you are away from home or away from the tree. Many fires start when lights catch a dry tree.
  2. Check water in Christmas tree daily and refill as needed.
  3. Use baking soda not water to put out a grease fire. If the fire is contained in a pan cover the pan and the lack of oxygen will cause the fire to go out.
  4. Keep kids away from the stove, warmers, hot plates and anything else that could burn them during your holiday preparation and party.
  5. Look but don’t touch policy for little ones around the tree will prevent unwanted scrapes and cuts. A broken glass ornament can mean a trip to the Emergency Room and rumor has it Santa won’t deliver to the ER.
  6. Steady the ladder before hanging lights and decorations.
  7. Less is more when it comes to outside lights. Not only will it look classier, you won’t blow a fuse or short a string of lights causing a fire.
  8. Create and give unique gifts! (You didn’t think we would forget ourselves, did you?) Create original artwork with our easy three step process. The best part? We deliver so you can drive unencumbered to your holiday events.

Tell us how you’re making this year safer for your family!


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