7 Reasons to Use LED Lights

LED Lights


Our mission is to bring innovative, beautiful energy efficient LED back lighted signs and artwork to homes and small business around the globe. We understand the importance of making your home and work environment comfortable for you which is why we let YOU create original artwork for your space. Once you create, we build it for you. We use LED lighting because it is softer and more ecofriendly than traditional options.

  1. Uniform lighting: We are often asked if our lighting is uniform and to that we answer YES. LED may take a few seconds to “warm up” to their full spectrum. Once warmed it will be uniform light.
  2. Long life:  Not only is LED uniform it is also longer lasting than traditional bulbs. Our bulbs will dim over their 50,000 hour lifespan but will not burn out.
  3. Solid: How many times have you broken a fluorescent bulb? If you’re us you’ve broken countless fluorescent bulbs. The benefit of LED is they are solid bulbs and break less easily.
  4. Cost-effective: While you may spend more on the initial purchase LED bulbs will pay off over time. You will not have to replace them as frequently as traditional bulbs.
  5. Ecofriendly: LED lighting uses less power and gives off significantly less heat than traditional bulbs. That means it costs you less when you use these bulbs. An added benefit of the low power requirement is the ability to use our bulbs when using a generator for power.
  6. Rainbow of colors: Did you know? LED bulbs come in a variety of colors so you can customize the lighting in your favorite spaces.
  7. Watt did you say? Not only can you purchase these bulbs in a variety of colors, they are available in an array of wattages.

Have fun creating personalized artwork for your space!



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