12 Simple Ways to Be Greener in 2012

Every year we make resolutions for the new year. Let’s face it, most of us forget what we resolved to do by the end of the first week or month of the new year. Because we love being green, here are 12 simple ways to be greener in 2012:

  1. Switch to LED bulbs at the office and at home.
  2. E-statements and bills save paper and trees.
  3. Reduce waste by not purchasing items like frozen meals that have extra wrapping.
  4. Reuse glass containers, paper and cups.
  5. Recycle whenever and wherever possible.
  6. Donate useable items that you are no longer using rather than throwing them into the landfills.
  7. Create art from old car and bike parts. It breathes new life into old items and keeps them out of the landfill.
  8. Reusable bags are your friend.
  9. Composting will not only prevent many foods from going to the landfill, it will also create nutrient rich soil. You can then grow your own veggies and fruits!
  10. Vintage clothing (i.e. thrift store) is not only hip but a great way to bring old clothes back to life!
  11. Map your route when you’re running errands. You will get the most out of your tank of gas in dollars and environment.
  12. Ride your bike more and drive less. Less driving means less gas, more money in your pocket and better health.

Cheers! May the new year bring you green!


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